Friday, October 31, 2008

All right, here it is. The price comparison list that Tara and I did at Aldi and Costco. I did not do every single product, but just chose the ones that I typically buy.

Sorry about the format of this. I don't have any kind of Word program on my computer. :( So this isn't in the easiest to read format ever. I highlighted the cheaper or the two in red. But make sure to look closely since sometimes it is only by pennies difference.

*Turkey lunch meat_____Costco-$8.99 2/24 oz_____Aldi-2.49 8 oz (14.94 for 48 oz)

*Bacon_____Costco $9.59 4/1 lb pkgs_____Aldi $2.29 16 oz (9.16 for 4 lbs)

*Turkey bacon_____Costco $7.39 4/12 oz pkgs_____Aldi $1.99 12 oz (7.96 for 4/12 oz pkgs)

*Frozen Chix breasts_____Costco $23.99 10 lbs_____Aldi $6.49 48 oz (21.63 for 10 lbs)

*Crm of Mushroom_____Costco $9.69 12/10.75 oz cans(.07 an oz)_____Aldi $.49 10.5 oz (.05 an oz)

*Raisins_____Costco $6.69 4.5 lbs (.09 oz)_____Aldi $1.69 15 oz (.11 oz)

*Vegetable Oil_____Costco $7.99 5 qts (.049 oz)_____Aldi $2.29 48 oz (.047 oz)

*Mayo_____Costco $6.99 64 oz (.11 oz)_____Aldi $1.99 32 oz (.06 oz)

*Milk_____Costco $2.29 a gallon_____Aldi $2.19 a gallon

*Sugar_____Costco $22.59 50 lbs (.36 lb)_____Aldi $2.29 5 lb (.45 lb)

*Flour____Costco $15.49 50 lbs (.31 lb)_____Aldi $1.79 5 lbs (.36 lb)

*Bananas_____Costco $1.59 4 lbs_____Aldi $.45 lb (1.80 4 lbs)

*Rice_____Costco $22.49 50 lbs (.45 lb)______Aldi $2.19 2 lbs (1.10 lb)

*Margarine_____Costco $5.99 5lb (1.19 lb)_____Aldi $.77 16 oz I did happen to check this at Meijer and their regular price is $.67.

*Butter____Costco $7.89 4/16 pkgs_____Aldi $2.19 16 oz (8.76 4 lb)

*Shredded Cheese_____Costco $12.39 5 lbs_____Aldi $1.99 8 oz(19.90 5 lbs)

*Block Cheese_____Costco $5.29 2 lbs_____Aldi $2.09 8 oz (8.36 2 lbs)

*Vanilla_____Costco $5.99 16 oz_____Aldi $1.99 2 oz (15.92 16 oz)

*Kidney Beans_____Costco $5.39 8/15 oz cans (.04 oz)_____Aldi $.45 14.5 oz(.03 oz)

*Tomato Sauce_____Costco $5.95 12/15 oz cans(.03 oz)_____Aldi $.25 8 oz (.03 oz)_____Costco $2.29 105 oz can (.02 oz)--This is a big can, but if you need to save more, this could just be opened measured and divided and put into smaller containers to freeze.

*Diced Tomatoes_____Costco $7.99 8/14.5 oz cans (.06 oz)_____Aldi $.49 14.5 oz (.03 oz)

*Stewed Tomatoes_____Costco $6.55 8/14.5 oz cans (.05 oz)_____Aldi $.49 14.5 oz (.03 oz)

*Tortilla Shells_____Costco $3.69 36 shells (.10)_____Aldi $.99 10 shells (.06)

*Tuna_____Costco $12.69 12/6 oz cans (.17 oz)_____Aldi $.99 13 oz (.19 oz)_____Costco $8.79 66.5 oz big can (.132 oz) This is a big can, but again, could be measured and divided and then frozen.

*Eggs_____Costco $3.99 3 doz (1.33 1 doz)_____Aldi $.99 1 doz

With these products, most of the ones from Costco were name brand and I was really surprised by how well they compared to over all with Aldi. I really thought that Aldi would probably come out way ahead, but it was really never by more than a few cents. But if this market continues the way that it looks like it probably will for a while, all those few little cents will add up quite quickly!

Obviously this is not a lot of foods or food groups, so if there are others you would like me to check, let me know! I did check some Meijer prices and they were definitely right in there with these prices also. If you watch for sales, you can score better deals at Meijer on some things since you can use coupons there.

Also, remember that you have to buy a membership at Costco. That is $50.00. But you can buy an executive membership for $100.00 and then earn 2% back on everything but gas, alcohol, and stamps. If you get their American Express, you can earn an extra 1% back also. So you have to calculate that into your costs also. I will let you know how I am doing on my return so far this year. It is also an option to "share" a membership. One person will just have to pay cash or use their debit card when they go.


Wow very impressive! I love Costco!
Wow very cool. I will check out Costco for cheese now for sure. I've always bought at Aldi just assuming it was cheaper..never assume lesson learned once again:) Thanx for doing this it helps me out a lot. I'm going to compare a few other items I normally buy at Aldi but I know Costco sells.
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