Monday, October 13, 2008

All right, get ready for a very long post and picture overload!

First up, Happy Birthday Rosie! Second up, Happy Birthday Ambry! We all got to go to an orchard celebrate their birthdays. And, oh the fun! The girls all loved it. So when I said picture overload, here we go...
The very first thing we did when we got there, was go on the elephant ride. Oh, you should have seen those girls' faces. They thought that was the coolest!

"My bunny! My bunny!" Piper has been talking about that bunny non-stop. If you didn't know, that is her favorite stuffed animal and she carries it with her everywhere.

Look at those happy faces!

Couldn't resist taking a picture of Rosie and Ambry. I love it when they hold hands like that. Aunt and cousin, "sisters" according to them, best friends. So adorable.
Ambry and Piper on the little tractor train. Ambry rode with her arm around Piper the whole time. "I will protect her." That is what she always says whether they are going on a walk or just to play in the backyard. :)

Rosie and Ambry with their pumpkins. Check out that pumpkin patch in back of them. It stretched on even longer than it looks in the picture. That thing was larger than a football field!

Check out Ambry's face in this pic. Doesn't it say it all? I am just way too cool for this...

Kasey and Piper chowin' down on some crackers while going for a boat ride. They are both laying down in this pic.

And, Kasey, here is your pic you wanted. Don't you look so cool doing the Egyptian?

Poppi and Piper driving the boat.

Rosie opening her presents.

Ambry with her new American Doll. Look at the excitement on that face! And there is Piper peeking over her shoulder. I can just imagine what she is thinking. "Hmmm, I think I would like that doll too. I'll just wait until Ambry isn't looking, grab it, and run as fast as my chubby little legs will carry me!" Of course, she didn't get a chance to carry out her little plan, as Ambry carried the doll bed and doll everywhere she went around their house.

Look at that sad face. Piper really wanted a piece of that cake. :) The two birthday girls with their cake.
Blowing out the candles...
The smiles say it all. :)

Thank you Poppi and Nana for an awesome day! I think both Rosie and Ambry had an great birthday celebration. I can't believe it. My "baby" is now 5! Well, with getting older brings so many different and so many more fun things to do!

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Happy Birthday Ambry!! I always think she is a year older than she is. It's weird to think her and Roman are the same age for 2 months. She acts older and more mature than my son..could be he is the baby:) Your girls are sure changing Pippi has lost her baby look so sad!
Happy Birthday Ambry! So grown up already.
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