Friday, September 19, 2008

Saw these (follow the link for instructions) on this blog here and thought they were so adorable! Definitely going to try and attempt to make these myself. I think Ambry would love going and picking out the fabric and embellishments. I think I will make her some brownies to sell at the garage sale and she can use the $$ from that to buy her own embellishments. Good way to teach a little bit about using money and the costs of things. What do you think, Esther? Want to make Lula some too? (pic is from the blog link shown above. Follow it to see how they look on her daughter's feet. Way too cute!)

Don't know how they would do on boys... I guess I now have a fun project to work on this weekend. It will give me something to do since we currently don't have a car. Our's is still being repaired. It has been out of commission since last week Monday. Upside--saving $$ by not driving to any stores, walking Ambry to school, and not spending any money on gas. Downside--missing out on the deals, having to walk in the misty rain last week (Thanks Mom for bringing her a couple days though last week!!!), and just plain being cooped up.

Definitely a good lesson in patience. Other than that, can't complain. Everyone is healthy, there have been no more elbows out of joint, and no horribly cranky children. We are blessed. :)


Those would be right up Lula's alley! Very cute~ i love the commercial too!
Hi Sharon,

You are the winner for the pampers coupon from my blog giveaway. Can you email me your mailing address? tonysmom.wu5 at gmail dot com. Thanks and congratulations. :-)
VERY cute little shoes! I doubt my boys would wear them but they do LOVE to make gifts for people. They usually knit most of their gifts but we may give this a try!

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