Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I ran out to do some errands a couple of nights ago, and this is what I came home to. Apparently, it is not only mommy who has problems putting the girls in their own beds too. :) Caleb always says something to me about the girls being in our bed...well...looks like daddy likes to cuddle with them too!
I think it is so cute how Piper has her arm around Ambry...sort of. Like she says, "Lub Bry!" (which of course means love Ambry--she calls her Bry).
See Piper's baby on the left hand side of the pic? She can NOT be without her baby. It is either that baby or her purple bunny that goes to bed, to the store, to church, you name it, those baby's will be right there next to Piper. :)


How sweet is that! I love the daddy and sleeping baby shots!
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