Wednesday, September 17, 2008

All right. All 2 of my readers :) I need your opinions. If there are others that have an opinion, that would be awesome if you also helped me out with this!

I am trying to come up with some better ideas for storage in my playroom. It is not a big room and right now, it seems like the kids just keep running into each other and no one really wants to play in there for long. There are too many toys and not enough room. soooo, here is what I was thinking.

I want to do a square table instead of the one above from Pottery Barn Kids. I think all the angles and the games on top would be too overwhelming. The ottoman seats are from Bed Bath and Beyond for $19.99. The big seat would have storage room in it.

So I was thinking of doing one big square table at kids level with room for the ottomans to slide underneath and also the perfect height that the kids could stand around it instead of sitting also. I thought it would then get a little bit more storage by using the seats and also would give them an area to bring their toys to without having to take all of them out of the room.

Plus it would be fairly cost efficient. I have a $25.00 off $50.00 coupon to Bed Bath and Beyond. The wood I could get for farily cheap from Lowe's and just build myself...did I say myself? I would probably need help. :) But I am going to attempt to do all the measurements myself. Then we'll see where I get from there.

So what do you think? Cool idea, or not? If you have a different idea, please let me know. And remember this is for 4 kids, not just my 2 girls. Definitely need room for Toby and Natallie in there too!


Looks good to me. I like the storage cubes. We used to have a table in our play room until someone stood on it one too many times, the kids used it all the time.
by the way where'd you get the awesome coupon? online?
I really like that table in the picture you have up. But I can see the corners would be trouble. I like your idea it's great if you can store toys in the seats to.

Yes, please share where you got your fantastic coupon for my favorite kitchen store!!!...please pretty please..:)
I actually got it from Jen. If you refer a bride to use their gift registry, they will mail a coupon to you. So if you know any brides or "brides" send them over to register and hopefully you will get one too!
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