Sunday, August 31, 2008

Wow! It's been a while since I put a CVS and Rite Aid trip on here. If you are planning on going this week, here are some possibilities for you.

At CVS, I got:

  1. 1 Accu-Check monitor on sale for $9.99 with $9.99 ECB
  2. 4 Dawn soap on sale for $.99 each (used 2 $1.00 2 cpns)
  3. 2 Colgate on sale for $2.99 with $2.00 ECB (used 2 $1.00 cpns)
  4. 1 Covergirl wetslicks on sale for $5.99 with $5.99 ECB
  5. 2 Glade scented oil plugins at $7.99 with $3.00 ECB on each (used B1G1 cpn)
  6. 2 Pantene shampoo/conditioner on sale 3/$9.99 with $2.00 ECB (used 2 B1G1 cpn)
  7. 2 Pantene hairsprays--worked with the deal above
  8. 2 Suave body wash on sale for $2.00 with $2.00 ECB (used 1 B1G1 cpn)
  9. 1 Suave deoderant that was needed for the deal above (used $.50 cpn)

I did this in 4 separate transactions in order to make good use of the $2/$10 CVS cpn. After all was said and done, I got $61.22 worth of stuff, used $24.99 in ECB's, got back $23.98 in ECB's, and paid $4.92. I didn't have too many small ECB's in order to get my cash lower. Oh well. Not too shabby. :)

Then at Rite Aid...

Here is what I got:

  1. 1 Ace reusuable cold pack on sale for $3.99 with $2.00 MIR (used $1.00 cpn)
  2. 1 Pantene shampoo on sale for $4.99 with $1.00 MIR (used $2.00 cpn and $2.00 Rite Aid cpn from ad)
  3. Electrasol dishwasher detergent on sale for $3.99 with $2.00 MIR (used $.50 cpn)
  4. Crest toothpaste on sale for $2.49 with $1.74 MIR (used $1.00 cpn)
  5. 1 Oral B stages toothbrush on sale for $2.99 with $2.00 MIR
  6. 1 L'Oreal revitalift anti-wrinkle on sale for $14.99 with $14.99 MIR (used $3.00 cpn)

I apid $25.95 in cash and will get back $23.73 after MIR. (Total then OOP will be $2.22) I was happy with that since I needed dishwasher detergent and could really use that reusable cold pack. It always seems like some one is falling and hurting themselves around here.

So there is my list for the week. As usual, it was fun hunting down the deals. :)


Great deals! I made out like a bandit this week and got it all free plus overage..WOOHOO!
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