Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Sorry for the boring repition of these photos of free stuff, but I still get so excited over so much free stuff. Anyways, feel free to skip over this if you don't want to read about it. :)

At Rite Aid, I got:

  1. Noxzema disposable razors
  2. Olay foaming face cleanser
  3. softwhite light bulbs
  4. Gillette fusion power razor
  5. Charles Worthington conditionre
  6. ob tampons
  7. baush and lomb contact solution
  8. clairol nice n easy hair color
  9. cutter mosquito spray
  10. Nature's Cure acne wash
  11. Gillette men's shampoo
  12. Revlon nail polish

Product amount came to $67.81 before tax and coupons. I ended up paying $58.97 in cash and will get back a rebate of $59.33 for a profit of $.36! Of course, that is if my math is correct. :)

At CVS, I got:

  1. 2 Colgate toothpastes
  2. 1 Oral B toothbrush
  3. 2 Pert 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner
  4. Crest toothpaste
  5. 4 Gillette shave gel
  6. 2 men's Gillete shave gel
  7. Preventin scar treatment on clearance
  8. hand lotion with aloe vera
  9. Bayer aspirin also on clearance

I got $31.80 worth of products. I used $2.49 in ECB's, lots of coupons, and paid $2.20 in cash, and got back $7.00 in ECB's. Woot! I sure do love by free stuff. I love being able to share the abundance of stuff that I get every week. Plus I love not having ran out of shampoo or conditioner in months. Definitely a plus. :)

Happy deal hunting. Meijer has some really good ones this week and hopefully I'll be able to share those later this week. If I ever find time to get over there sometime before Gerrit and Jen's wedding this weekend. :)


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