Saturday, August 23, 2008

Our little camping excursion to a state park...

So after that very busy weekend, we thought it would be nice to go on a little vacation. Of course, we planned it last big surprise there. The big surprise was actually getting into the state park. We managed to get 2 nights there, although we did have to move our site. Which wasn't too big a deal since we had borrowed a motorhome/camper thing from Caleb's uncle. We threw everything in and moved on to the next spot.

After the first night there, we realized we did not want to leave so soon. So we managed to get another site for Thursday night. Again, we had to move. I am sure you can see what is coming next. We didn't want to leave. So after walking back and forth between the ranger station and trying to get a site for Friday night, we finally got one! It only took about 6 tries. :) But we didn't care. 4 moves later made up for a perfect camping trip. So brace yourself for lots of pics. I won't overwhelm you with too many at'll just get to see lots of them over the next few days. :)

Aunt KK came out to visit us on Wednesday night so she took the pic of us above (of course, taken right after showers.) Ambry took the one of us below. She did pretty good job. :)

Piper's face that she has been pulling for pics lately. Little stinker!

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I miss you girlies! I have to come over soon! Piper, you little stinker!! I love the bottom pic of her!! What a cutie patootie!! :) Love you guys!
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