Friday, August 22, 2008

I think I have procrastinated long enough on putting up new pics. There were just so many to download from my camera that I became a little overwhelmed--over 130 pics! I mean, seriously, where to even begin?

So first up, here is a pic of Piper opening presents. Yes, quite late since her birthday was on the 7th. Oh well. She was so excited to get a new baby doll. And it makes sounds and moves all around too. Quite a sophisticated doll for a 2 year old. Thanks Nana, Poppi, Kasey, and Rosie!

Then on the 9th was Gerrit and Jen's wedding. Literally a whole day affair. Caleb left with Gerrit at 7:00 am and I had to be at the hair salon by 7:20. Which meant I also had to get the girls up and ready to go that early also. And remember everything that I would need for the ceremony which was at 11:00 am and about an hour drive away. So we loaded up the car with the girl's dresses, my dress (I was standing up in the wedding), shoes, makeup, you name it, we probably brought it. Here is a pic from the salon where we all had our hair done. Leah, I don't think you could have looked anymore excited than you do! :)
Once we all had our hair done, we headed up the ceremony site which was at a gorgeous house set way back from the road complete with pond, fountains, gazebo(which they got married under), carriage house...yeah, it was beautiful. Lots and lots of pics before ceremony...lots and lots. Thanks to Aunt KK for watching the girls, since Caleb was an usher, and I was a bridesmaid, both of us were needed for lots of pics.
Then there was a luncheon following the ceremony at the same site. I don't have any pics of that but here are some from the cake cutting. Check out the view in the back. You can see the gazebo way in the back where the ceremony was held.

Once that was all over with, it was kind of a mad hurry to get all of the tables rolled over to the garage and the chairs moved also for the rental company to pick up the next day. Cars were loaded down with flowers and leftover food to go the reception that they had planned for all their friends at night. Caleb, the girls, and I did not leave until about 4:00 from there. Mad dash home to lay the girls down for a teeny little nap since neither had slept in very long. (Oh I forgot to mention the rehearsal dinner the night before where the girls did not get picked up from Grandpa and Grandma's house until about 10:30). So we had some very tired, although quite surprisingly well behaved children, to get home for naps.

Once the babysitter arrived, it was over to the reception site(Elks Lodge). We made it there at about 6:00 and helped get everything set up there. Lots of fun...then helped pick up centerpieces and get food packed up and presents to our car...I think we finally got to bed at about the morning. A very long and exhausting day, but so worth it. It was a beautiful wedding.

Congratulations Gerrit and Jen! I am so happy that I have such a wonderful, awsome, and beautiful new sister. Welcome to the family. :)

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