Thursday, August 07, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Piper!!!

Oh, how the time flies. You are growing so fast and learning more and more every day. I love your goofy personality. I love when you run to me when you're upset and then when you are safely by me yell "NO, NO, NO" at whoever offended you. I love when you wake up, wrap your arms around my neck, and give me a huge hug. I love how you say "Hello Momma" in your pretend grown up voice. I love it when you and Ambry talk silly nonsense that only you two would understand and then burst into laughter. I love when you cuddle by me. I love that you are a momma's girl.

I just love you!


happy birthday piper! how can you not love that little girl!
Happy Birthday Piper!! She looks so adorable I love her cheeks in this picture.
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