Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Whew!!! Talk about a very, VERY, VERY crazy weekend! Saturday brought 2 bridal showers--one for Jen's family in the morning and another for her friends at night. I put both of them on for her with some very much appreciated help from her mom and then my mom at night. I got a little bit of a break in the afternoon in the way of laying out by the pool with Jen.

The morning shower (there were about 18 people there and went from 10:30 until 12:30) went fairly smooth...although we did have a chair breaking incident. :) I can laugh about it now...although I was mortified when it happened. I had just started out by introducing myself and Jen's Grandma got out the words, "And I am Jen's..." when IT happened. Jen's aunt's chair completely collapsed from underneath her. Broken pieces of plastic went flying every which way. (By the way, this is my favorite layout chair so I know it is pretty sturdy.) I just must have set it up wrong. Needless to say, everyone was very quiet for a few minutes. Oh the embarassment. The aunt handled it very well and just laughed it off and moved to another chair and the shower moved on.

The night shower (there were about 23 people there) with Jen's friend's went very well. It was very laid back and lasted from about 7:30 to 10:00 or so. Not too much to say about the night shower. Just lots of fun had by all. I think it was one of the funner showers I have been too. Very laid back and just so relaxing. Or at least as relaxing as it is going to get when you are the one throwing the shower. :)

Sunday brought another fairly busy day. Jordan's girlfriend Danielle turned 18 and he wanted to do a small get together at our house. This was all set up on Saturday night since Jordan is so good at giving advance notice. :) So...we had Gerrit, our family, and Jeff and mom and the girls all there, and Kaylynn and her boyfriend Jordan over to grill out. THANKS!!! Jeff and Mom for bringing all of the food. That was a gigantic help. Anyway, after all the gifts and cake and all birthday related fun, it was about 4:00 before everyone started to leave.

Next brought my Grandma Gritters birthday party at night. We headed to that at about 8:00 which is when their church gets done. They had it at the social hall at church which is luckily just a couple of miles down the road from us. We got home at about 10:00 from that and everyone pretty much collapsed into bed.

The girls after eating their cake. Just a little messy. :)

So yesterday and today I have done nothing but try to recover and relax, hence no posts on the blog for a couple of days. I hope my 2 loyal readers can forgive me. :) Well, it is off to the pool I go to lay out for a couple of hours. Toby and Ambry will get to go swimming and I plan on laying there and doing...well...nothing. Sigh. How nice.

Happy Tuesday!

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