Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fourth of July...a little late, but here are some highlights of our day.

The girls and I were in the G-ville parade. We walked for an agent from State Farm. It was just under a 2 mile stretch and by the end, everyone was a little tired and cranky. It started at about 11:00 although we had to be there are 9:45 and we didn't get home until after 1:00. A very loooong day.

There was an unbelievable amount of people at that parade. There is even a new law that went into effect for the city that hosts the parade saying that no one can set up their blankets and chairs any earlier than 6 am the morning of the parade or the police will confiscate their items. Crazy, right? The whole length of the parade on both sides of the road were at least 20 people deep. Kids were allowed by parents to stand out in the second lane of the road (it is a 4 lane road with a 5th row in the middle for turning) and we only had the very middle of the road to walk. We had to stop several times and get people to move back so we could safely move through. I have never seen anything like it. There were some kids that wouldn't move so we didn't give them any candy. I can not believe that parents would let their children go that far out in the road-yes, I know it is a parade-but there are quite a few large floats and semi trucks in that parade that can't stop on a dime, let alone see little kids who are running around. There were quite a few policemen on bikes, but there were just way too many people... I didn't hear of anyone getting hurt, and maybe I just worry too much. :)

Despite the girls faces below, they had a blast. Ambry had so much fun throwing the candy and Piper even got in on the action a little bit. Ambry walked almost the whole thing while Piper sat in the wagon (I pulled her along). For the last 1/4 mile, Ambry rode in the back of the Jeep and Piper actually got out of the wagon and walked. We had about 15,000 pieces of candy and ran out before the the last 1/2 mile if that gives you an idea of how many people were there.

Here is Gerrit driving the Jeep. Kind of a dark pic, but I thought that little Jeep was so cool. They put all the candy in the back and then as we threw it, some of the smaller kids were allowed to sit in the back.

Later in the day, Jordan took the girls for rides on his quad. Can you tell they loved it? And before you think we are unsafe parents, they both did not ride on it at the same time. I set Piper on there to take the pic and that was it. :)
All of us did sparklers at night. No big firework show for us. :( I'm hoping for next year though. I did lay some blankets out on the deck and Ambry and I were able to see some fireworks just over the tree tops. Definitely a good ending to a long day.

Hope everyone else had a great Fourth of July!

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