Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sweet, baby girl! I love how innocent and beautiful you look when you are sleeping...

I can not believe how big you are getting! Time seems to just fly. Your hair is actually longer than Ambry's now!

I love when I get you up and you give me a big grin and yell, "Mama!". Then proceed to pat your diaper and say, "Blah!". Of course, now I know, that signals either one of two options. :)

I love when you scream with excitement every single time you are allowed to go outside and play. One would think you would eventually realize where you are going, but you get excited no matter what.

I love when you say, "do-do" (meaning doggie). Of course this is said in a voice as loud as possible and with a gigantic grin.

How I wish I could slow you down and keep you little just a small while longer. At the same time I look forward to hearing what you are going to learn to say next. And of course, what antic you are going to pick up from your big sister.

So I will enjoy this time that I have you to hold and to squish!


OH how precious talk about a tear jerker! I love the pic's of when their sleeping they do look so innocent. It's sad how fast the babies grow up and your so right you have to hold and squish them for as long as you can.
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