Sunday, June 08, 2008

Crazy good deals!!!

Thanks to Robyn for telling me about National Bike Trail Day!!! Here is some of the loot that we picked up there. Both of the girls got free bike helmets and pads, a new bike pump, a new bike lock, 2 small pedometers, 1 really nice, bigger pedometer, 3 t-shirts, and arm band to hold my ipod while running, free lunch, and candy that we took home. We also entered a raffle and I am really hoping to win a bike. All in all, we got over $50.00 worth of stuff--Piper's helmet alone was $19.99 from Meijer! Plus, it made for a fun Saturday. :) And here is what I got at CVS and Rite Aid this week:

  1. 6 boxes of cereal
  2. 1 Dove shampoo
  3. 1 Dove conditioner
  4. 1 Gillette Fusion razor
  5. 4 Nivea shaving creams
  6. 2 Atkins bars
  7. 1 Jergens lotion (clearanced to $2.15)
  8. 1 Bonine for Kids--motion sickness stuff for Kasey(Rite Aid)
  9. 1 Soothing Care (Rite Aid)
  10. 1 Itch X (Rite Aid)
  11. 1 Rite Guard Pro. Strength (Rite Aid)

At Rite Aid I spent $18.16 and will get back $18.97. Everything for free plus a small profit. Maybe it will cover my gas that I spent on getting out of the parking lot. :)

At CVS I did 3 different transactions. I got $55.28 worth of stuff, used $29.60 in coupons, $11.99 ECB's, got back $19.00 ECB's, and used $5.92 in cash. All in all, if you count ECB's kind of like cash it evened out to $17.91 in cash and got back $19.00 in cash. So, again, a small profit there too.

Seriously, where can you get that much cereal for basically free? Usually, no where. So, yeah for good deals at CVS again!


You did get some awesome deals this week. Let me know next year about that bike helmet thingy..:) This year my boys are set for bike helmets but I think next year the older two will be needing new ones. Thanx for the heads up this year.

By the way Ambry's hair is adorable!! She looked so cute in church yesterday.
Thanks for lettin us know about the helmet thing! The kids had a ball getting thier gear.
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