Monday, June 23, 2008

And now for our regular scheduled CVS and Rite Aid trip. Here is what I got.


  1. Charmin 12 pk. on sale for $5.99

  2. Boughty 8 pk on sale for $4.99

  3. 2 ALL on sale for $6.49 and B1G1 (1 not in pic)

  4. 12 Soy Joy bars on sale for $1.00 a piece

  5. 3 Colgate toothpaste on sale for $2.99 a piece

  6. 1 Glade wickless candle on clearance for $5.99

  7. 1 Glade spray on sale for $.99

  8. 2 Duracel battery 8 pks on sale for $5.29 a piece (1 not in pic)

  9. 1 CVS brand men's aftershave for $2.59

  10. 1 Cristophe hair serum on clearance for $1.00

  11. 2 Spongebob toothbrushes on sale for $2.99

Total product came to $71.97. I used $24.50 in coupons, $38.97 in ECB's, paid $1.24 in cash, and got back $33.00 in ECB's. Yeah! I thought I was going to end up paying a lot more than that or using up a lot more in ECB's since there were no CVS coupons this week, but it ended up being a pretty good deal.

At Rite Aid, I got(these are on the right in the pic):

  1. 1 Finesse shampoo on sale for $3.00

  2. 1 Finesse conditioner on sale for $3.00

  3. 1 Sea Kelp deep conditioner on sale for $2.99

  4. 1 Charles Worthington big hair spray on sale for $4.99

  5. 1 Crest Pro-Health toothpaste on sale for $2.99

Product total came to $16.97. I used $3.00 in coupons, paid $14.99 in cash, and will get back $15.97 in rebates. A HUGE profit of $.98!!! Can you sense the sarcasm? :) Just kidding. Can't beat free products! And all stuff that I will actually use. Woo-hoo!

Check out Money Saving Mom for other great scenarios!


I was just at CVS and got good deals. I got three toilet papers, three twin packs of toothbrushes, one battery pack, three toothpastes and spent around a dollar out of pocket. Can't beat it! We also have a zoo membership so we'll go with you sometime to the zoo. At Binder you get half off that's a really cool zoo!
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