Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Good grief, it has been a while again! Not a whole lot has been going on--just busy with lots of little things. I did a garage sale two weekends in a row, everyone had the flu (including Piper and Gerrit), we redid the front landscape of our house (with LOTS of help from Gerrit), then barked around the front and part of the back of our house, planted the garden (yeah!!!), opened the pool...the list could still go on.

So to make up for my absence, here are a TON of pics from the parade--Memorial Day--that we went to. I only have pics of Piper because we were supposed to meet my mom there with Kasey and Rosie-Ambry spent the night at their house. Oh well. It was a gorgeous day for a parade...very bright and sunny...Piper loved it!

Here Piper sees a dog and I think you can tell by her face, just how excited she is. :)

I love this pic of her standing there with her basket. She would just hold out her basket and people would come up and put candy in it. It was so cute. Needless to say, her basket was completely full by the time we left--we didn't even stay for the whole thing. It was over an hour and half long!!! We stayed for about an hour, maybe a little bit more, and thought that was plenty long enough.

Have a good Wednesday!!!

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Cute pic's isn't it crazy all the candy they got. I confiscated all the kids when we got home since Kaleb can't have any of it. Most of it makes good church candy:) Don't worry Kaleb got his own candy once we got home I felt bad for him. Kind of takes the fun out of the parade when you can't eat the candy your picking up but he was a good sport about it.
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