Monday, April 14, 2008

We made another trip to the gardens to see the butterflies last week. Our membership expires and I'm not sure if we will purchase another one or not. They run about $70.00 and with gas being as much as it is, I'm not sure if it will be worth it. Not to mention, we will only be able to go on Saturday's since I am watching Toby and Natallie again. (Yeah, about that by the way!) So anyway, we met Anna and her two children, Jackson and Ella, and her sister Emily and Emily's daughter Iris.
Aren't these two some serious cheeseballs? I couldn't get them both to look at the camera for anything!
Can you tell Piper is happy to be there? She loves going there since I let her run around after a little while. Can you see her ever present Care Bear? She calls them her baby's and they literally go everywhere with us. She is never without one. (We have 4...)

I love this pic of her, although I need to edit out Ambry in the background pulling up her shirt. And of course you can see her baby Care Bear's head in the bottom of the pic. Couldn't leave baby in the stroller of course!
I LOVE going up to the gardens so we'll really have to consider getting another membership. They still give us free lunch (I used to work there about 3 years ago, maybe a little longer) when we go there. So very nice of them. I always bring money to pay, but Lynn (who is usually on cash register) just waves us through. If we would have had to pay when we went there, just to enter would have been about $18.00 and then for lunch would have been about another $15.00! It all adds up and we have more than made up our membership fee this past year with all of the visits that we made.
Maybe someone else would like to invest in a membership so we have someone to go with? Maybe? It is lots of fun! :)


Those are great pictures! Just curious......what are the Gardens? Sounds like a great adventure........

I only went there once and my first impression wasn't the best. The place was packed and they wouldn't let stroller in the butterfly part... One day I'll try it again, maybe.
Oh yeah, it was EXPENSIVE!
You can check out the Gardens here.

Yes, they are very expensive unless you buy a membership. Then you don't have to pay any entry fees at least. Those entry fees are ridiculous!
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