Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spring Cleaning...

I started the process of spring cleaning over here. Trying to rid the cupboards of clutter, washing down walls, touching up paint...the list goes on and on.

So far I have completed the laundry room--I washed down the walls, painted a small shelf that Caleb had built for me over the winter, washed the baseboards, and cleaned out the cupboards.

Garage--I am still in the process of that, I'll post pics later, but I am painting the ceiling and two of the finished off walls. One of the walls is dark brown paneling--yukkk!--and the other is brown cork board stuff. The ceiling was just brown drywall. I am painting all of that a cream/gray color that I found in the misting section at Seven's. I had one coat on the paneling wall and about 3/4 of the ceiling before I ran out of paint. Unfortunately I couldn't find anything that matched exactly, but at least it will be close. About 25.00 for all 5 gallons of paint and the garage will look worlds better. Can't wait to be done with it! It already looks so much better.

Main Bath--washed down the walls--I used the wrong kind of paint in there and the humidity from the shower has made the paint run. So I am trying to get all the streaks off of the walls to make it look a little better. I really hope that I won't have to repaint it since I love the color, but I might have to. Washed the baseboards, floor, cleaned out the cupboards, and took the light down to clean it.

Kitchen--Retouch the cupboards then apply minwax to them to give them a little bit of shine and protect the paint a little more. Wash down the walls, baseboards, and cleaned out the cupboards.

Spare bedroom in the basement--washed down the walls--David moved out and there was...well, dirtiness... :) washed the baseboards. That is going to be our cardroom temporarily until either my other brother or sister move in. For now, I just have a folding table set up in there. It will give us extra room for the party this Friday--which I hope Caleb remembered to tell everyone about. If he didn't, consider yourself now officially invited. :) It is Friday @ 8:00 or somewhere around there.

That is as far as I have gotten so far. Hopefully I can take pics of the garage later. I am most excited about that--don't ask me why. I just love it when things look clean and finished off and that is what I am hoping it will look like when I am done.

So what Spring Cleaning projects is everyone else tackling? Any big projects? Any fun projects?


Just washed and polished the outside of my kitchen cupboards, my oh my they were sticky! We bought new knob and now they look as good as new. I just have to put all the knock knack stuff back up. This weather is so inspiring!
Oooooo, I'm such a geek. Reading a post about spring cleaning just really appealed to my private inner-monica. Currently decluttering my life in preparation for a move back across the ocean. Don't you love the opportunity to just throw out lots of stuff??? It's so purifying. :)

...and wow, I missed so much stuff in my absence, you've been busy!
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