Monday, March 17, 2008

On Saturday, Caleb and I took the girls up to the Gardens to check out the butterflies. It was unbelievable how many butterflies were out that day. So here are a bunch of pics from our day there in absolutely no particular order.

Ignore Caleb's funny look on his face. :) He was talking to Ambry and then looked over kind of quick when I snapped the pic.

This pic was the unbelievable. Check out how big this is! It was about the size of my hand, if not a little bit bigger. They hatch them in this big "box" and this one was resting against the side of the glass. I took this looking at it's belly. Pretty cool, huh?

So if you live around this area, this is definitely something to take the kids to and check out. :)


Nice pic's I was hoping for a nice day this week to take the boys to see the butterflies. I'll probably wait until April. I like to walk the trails with the boys so I wait for a fairly warm day. I'll let you know when I go maybe we can go together.
It nice that Caleb went with you, it kind of hard to get the daddy's to go along some times.
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