Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy "20th" Birthday Mom!

Although one day late, I really wanted to put up pics from your birthday dinner. This place that we have gone to for the last couple of years is so much fun. It is a Japanese place and they cook everything on a big flat grill in front of you. Below is a picture of a flaming onion. They do all kinds of tricks with knives and flip your food all over the place.
At the end of dinner, they make hats out of the napkins for the kids to wear. Ambry, of course, was all about this. :)
Okay, the next couple of pics I couldn't resist. I just love Piper's big smile! She is such a ham.

And of course, a big family pic. We were missing Jen(Gerrit's fiance) and Jordan(Kaylynn's boyfriend) but it is kind of a tradition to do a family pic by the bridge in the restaurant every year.
I hope you had an awesome birthday mom! May God bless you with many more '20th' birthdays. Love you lots!!!


Piper looks so much like your sister (I'm guessing she's your sister) in picture number 5. So cute!
Cute pictures pippi really likes the camera lately to cute! We'll have to try out that restaurant sometime.
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