Tuesday, March 11, 2008

All right, as promised, here are some pics of our mini vacation. We went to an indoor water park for two days. We spent one night up there and the girls loved it! Here is Piper standing behind the "rock wall" that separated our bed from the girls' bunk beds. She was looking for Ambry in this pic. :)
Ambry and Lula cheesin' it up for a pic.
We did a free craft at craft time and all of the kids got to make a crown. Check out all of the cool decorations! We have a compass, some pink poodles, feathers, and "jewels". That right there is one special crown!
Can't go on vacation without trying to get a family pic. If only Ambry had been paying better attention. :) At least Piper looks adorable though.
Here is a pic of the girls playing in the little play house they had by the check in desk. They loved playing in this thing while I got us checked into our room. I know what I will be keeping my eyeballs peeled for at garage sales this summer! :)
Thank you so much Isaac and Esther for letting us invite ourselves along on your vacation! And for letting us share you room when we had to check out of ours! And for letting us use your utensils! The list could go on and on. :) Thank you, thank you!


Thank you for coming with us, it was fun and the kids LOVED it! Lula thought is was great that Ambry was there when we got there.
Looks like a lovely family break! :)
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