Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Okay, so I know that I shouldn't be laughing at this lady, but come on. This is a picture of our newspaper lady attempting to deliver the paper. (And don't get me started on the full conversion van that has got to be a huge gas guzzler.) She got stuck in my neighbor's driveway! She has officially been stuck there for over a half an hour.
**EDIT**Just thought I should add that I do not exactly like this lady too much. She seems to always be yelling at her kids, and I mean yelling, when they are delivering the paper. One day this summer one of her kids tried to tell her she was going to hit the neighbor's trash cans when she was backing out of their driveway and she responded by yelling back that she could see the trash cans and don't tell her how to drive. There was no response from the kid. Then yesterday when they got stuck in the snow, I could hear her yelling from across the street at her kids. That was when I got my camera and took the picture of her getting stuck. Caleb met her yesterday and without knowing my opinion, came in the house and said that he didn't think she was the nicest lady. So not that my amusement makes it any better, but I couldn't help taking the picture when I remembered her yelling at her kids...

On a sidenote, that is how bad the weather here has turned yet again.
Sidenote: saw this over at Rocks in My Dryer.

Bridge Safety Checks From MSNBC.

So after that, everyone who lives in the area had better be oh so very, very careful driving because the roads and apparently some bridges are not in good condition.


I hate getting stuck. Our lovely, cigarette hanging out of her mouth, paper lady just throws it on the snow bank and it gets nice and wet every single time. Come on we have a paper box! Try to stay warm!
You are too funny!! So how long did it take before she got unstuck?
She didn't get unstuck until around 5:30. So I think it was about an hour and a half total? And then she only got unstuck when David went over there with his truck and pulled her out. :)
That is sooo funny! Good thing David pulled her out she might've been there longer:)
Love the pic! The ? and answers were predictable...you were probably walking around while we talked on the phone!

Congrats on the 7 miles...hard work makes for great health!

Love you so much,
Your Mom
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