Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I got the new Pottery Barn Kids magazine yesterday in the mail. Drool! I love looking at their ideas for rooms. These two were some of my favs. I am going to try and make the boards that are over the top of the beds. I think they are so cute. The pic in the catalog was a little bit better than this one though. In the mag you could see all 4 boards. SO very cute!
Underneath the boards, I would like these bookcases. I like the vibrant colors of the boards in the above picture a little better than these ones. Anyway, I asked Caleb if he could build me these, since come one, they don't look all that complicated. :) He just smiled and said, "Will I? And do I want to?" So it looks like I will be haunting craigslist and the clearance aisles of the store looking for bookcases similar to these.

I did ask if I could build them though. I mean, come on, they don't have any fancy edging (or whatever you call it) on them. Not to mention, I think it is a good thing to know how to build stuff. I should try out for that show on TLC...the take home a carpenter or something...maybe he would show me how to build some stuff. :)


I picked out the same cases too! I would like to put them in the playroom for their toys.

Great minds think alike.
Found your blog through someone elses, and had to comment, because I do the same thing, I LOVE Pottery Barn catalogs! I just sit and day dream over them, but have never been able to afford to buy anything from them. Actually, that's not true, I bought a wind-up turtle bath toy last time I was in the states, mostly cause my daughter liked it, and it was $5.

Ok, now I'm babbling. Nice to meet you! :)
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