Monday, February 18, 2008

Caleb pointed this article out to me in the paper tonight and all we both could think was how ridiculous! The title of the article? 'City should have no religious beliefs:Foundation wants (city mentioned here) statement's God reference removed' Basically an organization that wants the state and church to be separate wants a reference to city officials striving "to serve God" to be removed from it's Web site.

It also states the city's mission statement and I can not believe that people would make that big of a deal out of having a reference to God in their statement. Maybe I shouldn't be as surprised as I am, but it is so ridiculous how far people go out of their way to get away from God. Maybe it is because they don't like having their sins pushed into their face by any mention of God. Either way, I think it is ridiculous!


Nothing much surprizes me these days. It is so so sad.
I too read this article and it just blows my mind. Lucas was quite shocked by it and couldn't understand why they'd take that statement out. If only our fore-fathers who founded our country on christianity knew what it would become they'd be rolling in their graves. It's so sad what our country has become they must take God out of everything.
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