Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Since I am not working on any projects now, all I have to post again are more pics. Sorry...here are a couple random pics from a trip to my mom's house and just around my house.
LOVE those rosy cheeks!
I didn't quite catch the pic in time, but she did have the paper unfolded and seriously looked like she was reading it aloud, complete with "words" and everything.
How funny is Rosie. I could show you so many pics of her pulling this big grin. So adorable.

A pic of Ambry actually smiling and not frowning like she normally does when I try to take her pic. Hopefully Rosie is rubbing off on her. :)

And that is it for today's show and tell. On a side note, how CRAZY is the weather here. The girls and I went to the store yesterday in short sleeve shirts and no coats! Unbelievable! I checked the temp on the way home and it said 57! Absolute craziness! Not that I'm complaining though. Today we will be going for a walk outside and we won't have to wear the whole winter paraphernalia. It is supposed to be rainy but again in the upper fifties to low sixties. I'm hoping that we'll get a small break from the rain. :)


I've been LOVING this weather to bad our winter isn't always like this:) I was hoping to run outside today but it's raining and looks like it will for awhile. Oh well to the Y we go. Post on here what you got at CVS if you made the trek there.
Cute pics! I too love this weather! I'm ready for spring!
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