Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I made the mistake of giving Ambry ice cream and letting Piper see me do it and here is what ensued. Ignore Piper's scared look on her face...she was LOVING it!
Again, ignore the scared look...the oh so happy look is coming.

The GIGANTIC bite, courtesy of Ambry...
And there it is...the oh so happy look...and another gigantic bite on it's way. Check out Ambry's open wide Piper! :)
The best part? I didn't even tell her to share. I was getting ready to get Piper her own snack and turn around and there they are. Keep in mind this is Ambry's favorite dessert ever and she took it upon herself to share with her little sister. I LOVE those girls!


Sisterly love- how sweet!
Aahhh to cute! Isn't it great when they share! I'm with Ambry I love ice cream I might just be making a trip to culver's tomorrow!!
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