Monday, December 03, 2007

So it has been forever since I have said what I have been up to but in my defense I have been keeping quite busy. There was Thanksgiving and the many places we like to go. Basically our whole weekend we like to spend with family, which means many trips to many places.

But my biggest busiest project that I have begun is my kitchen. I am redoing everything. Painting the cabinets, painting the walls, the whole thing. I am painting my cabinets black and then will be putting a fairly high sheen of polyurethane on top of that to protect and to add some extra shine. I am also painting the inside of the cabinets because I don't like to open the cupboards only to have the inside not finished. On the shelves I am putting down black and white wallpaper so that I don't have to be too careful when sliding dishes in and out of them. Less scratches and fixing up hopefully.

As of right now, Caleb has the cabinet doors sanded and I have the first coat of paint applied. The insides are completely done being painted. I am waiting for the wallpaper to arrive and then everything will get a coat of polyurethane. Everything I go in my kitchen I wonder if I bit off more than I could chew but there is no turning back now! I think today I am going to try and get the first coat of paint on the walls and spray paint the hinges and get a coat on the front side of the cabinet doors. Hopefully...

Here is what they look like so far. Please ignore the mess. It is so hard keeping everything clean when you can't put anything in cabinets.


Looks good so far what color are you painting the walls? I think David said you are repainting them. I've been thinking of repainting my kitchen but no color just pops out at me that I want it to be. So i'll wait until I figure out a color. Happy painting!
You are a brave woman to take on such an undertaking. That's a whole lotta painting. I looks really goo though.
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