Thursday, December 06, 2007

So I don't have a picture of the cabinets right now because our main computer isn't working right now and I am using the laptop. For some reason I can't get the internet to connect. Very strange. Anyway, I have made some more headway on the cabinets. They are now completely painted on the inside and the outside. The cabinet doors still need one more touch up coat of paint. I have about a quarter of the wallpaper done on the shelves and it looks AWESOME! I really like the print that I picked out. If I ever get Piper to sleep--it is 10:30 right now--I am going to try and get a couple more of the shelves wallpapered.

And speaking of Piper, she has something called entero-virus. Poor baby. She has really nasty cold and cough on top of that and is pretty miserable right now. She is still such a happy little girl though. Although right now I think she's so happy because her daddy is home from basketball. She is such a daddy's girl when Caleb gets home. So cute.

Well, hopefully I will have pics of the kitchen and the progress that I have made so far. ttyl.


Can't wait for pics seeings how that we won't be stopping by the sick house.
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