Sunday, December 23, 2007

I went up to my mom's house despite the horrible weather that we are having here right now. It wasn't bad at all going up there other than the crazy wind. I LOVE going up to mom's house. I am definitely still a 'mama's girl'. And of course I had to bring my camera with.

Aunt KK and Piper
Mama and Piper
Little did I know that Mom and KK thought it was not fun to have their pics taken. How cute.
Take 2. At least this one turned out a little bit nicer. :)

And of course a pic of Miss Rosie Posie. I ADORE that smile of hers. I think I could take pics of her all day and not get sick of it. She is so cute!

I only stayed up at mom's for a couple hours and it was a very good thing I left when I did. It was horrible weather on my way home. I saw 6 accidents on my way home. No slide offs, just accidents that were minor. I ran into quite a few whiteouts too. So scary. A trip that normally takes me about 35 minutes took about an hour and a half. Not fun. At least we made it home safely.
At least I am all prepared for the next trip (if I ever dare to drive in snow...I'm a big chicken) I now have blankets, a jug of water and a nice big bottle of water, some fruit leathers, 3 fiber bars, and a few other non-perishable items of food. Better safe than sorry!


Cute pics. Caleb is one lucky guy if you age as gracefully as your mother.
By the way what color is the kitchen?
I painted it a light tan color. Not quite what I wanted, but it is all right. I'll put up a pic of it tomorrow hopefully.
I will get you for this. I LOVE your sister in law, Esther!!!
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