Friday, December 14, 2007

Here is a before of my kitchen color that I had as an accent color. It was also on a wall in the hallway and I changed that to the cream color that is on all the other walls.
Here is the new color. I didn't take a pic from the kitchen of that wall because it is so horribly messy in there. Once I got everything up on the walls, I liked this color even more. I think it goes very well with my decorations and furniture.
So what do you think? Cool color or not?

As for my checklist of remaining things to do, it is finally beginning to dwindle. I have a couple more bags/small boxes to finish sorting, 5 remaining cabinets to hang, final touch up, and of course picking a color for the walls in the kitchen. I am thinking that I will go with a light taupe color but we'll have to wait and see what I can find in the mistint sections at Seven's or Sherwin Williams. I kind of overshot my budget by a we'll have to see what we can find. :)


I like it! It goes really well with all of your stuff. How does it go with the tile? i image it looks fine with it.
I love it with the tile. Once I have my kitchen clean I'll take a pic of it. But I think it looks really good!
Sooo you went a titch over budget it looks AWESOME!! I love the chocolate brown color! I can't wait to see what it looks like when your kitchen is painted. Amazing how much you can change a room with just paint isn't it!
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