Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Here are a couple pics of the cabinets that are completely done. Yeah!!! I have just about filled them up again, but at least they are now organized and much easier to find things. I scrubbed down the sinks with soft scrub so they are so nice and shiny clean too. I can not start painting the walls and I can not wait to see what the finished product is going to look like.

(Ignore the one cabinet off of the lower cupboards. We still have about 5 to hang and that is one of them.) I never noticed before, but all of my smaller appliances, i.e. are black. I love how they seem to match the cabinets now.

Hopefully I will get a good start on the paint on the walls and will have a nearly finished pic to upload tomorrow. Off I go to get hyped up with coffee so I will have lots of energy to paint and finish cleaning. :)


It look really good. I finally started on the girls room today so hopefully by next week it will be done. I feel your pain of having a project hanging over you like that.
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