Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Today is another backwards Works-For-Me-Wednesday. I missed the last one so here is the question I wanted to ask. I have over 1000 least...and would like to know where the best (and also frugal, if possible?) place would be to get them printed. I have tried both online and in store and like how they both turn out. I have just slacked off and not had them printed in...well, a really long time. Also, if there is a place that has a really good upload tool that doesn't take a day and a half to upload all of the pics, that would be even better. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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I use Winkflash. The reg price for 4x6 is .12 but often run sales for .06 each and have flat rate shipping .99 for all your 4x6 prints. I think the quality is good and they have unlimited online storage so you can order a bunch at one time to save on shipping multiple orders. Hope that helps!
Wow the above Winkflash is cheaper than my Costco which is 17 cents! I use and pick up at Target. It's something like 19 cents for in store pick up or 15 cents plus some small mail charge for mail. With gas here at nearly $3.50 it pays to get them done someplace that I am anyway. But, I may try that winkflash one day.
I get mine one-hour printed at WalMart for $ .19 each. I upload them online, and then pick them up while I'm there shopping anyway. But like the comment above mine, I'm going to check out that Winkflash!
Sam's photo prices are a little lower than Walmart, but I don't think you can beat that WinkFlash price!
i use shutterfly. The upload time is incredibly fast, there is no limit on how many pictures you upload. You can pick them up at target or many times shutterfly will offer great deals- 25 to 30% off etc. The pictures always turn out really good and you can add your own message to the back of them. :)
I am a professional photographer, and take all of my "daily use" prints to Walgreens. They have excellent quality for the price. Even though they are a little higher in price, they often have sales and promos. They are the best quality, aside from my professional printer, that I have found.
Good luck!
I use Walgreens too, the quality was excellent and I got an email from them saying that "buy 25 get 25" with the coupon code TREAT which is valid for up to ten uses per account....must have 50 in your cart at time of checkout to qualify....hope that helps too!
I always use Walgreens and have really liked the quality of pictures from there. It's a little more pricey but sometimes you have to pay a little more for quality. I think their .19 a picture but I usually go when they have a coupon out than it's closer to .15 a pic I think.
I was going to tell you that i have been very pleased with using Snapfish. I am a professional photographer and used to work in a photo lab but moved out of state. I had a hard time finding a place I trusted to do as good of a job as I could do on my own. I like Snapfish color but my try Winkflash for the lower prices on shipping.
these are great suggestions, but may i add in photoworks for those pics that you really want to frame, especially in b&w -- i have found their quality to be superior in printing. their prices are pretty commensurate with the others, i think, but i was pleased with the quality. plus they have the coolest cards...
I'm way behind on my photos too--I still have photos to print out from LAST Halloween! Walgreen's online system is very fast to load and they've recently lowered the price--12 cents per print when you buy 100 or more AND free shipping! The quality is great. I've also used Snapfish, but you have to search for a free shipping promo code--otherwise those cheap prints aren't so cheap! Great quality there as well, and fast to load too--they also resize the prints to true digital--I guess a very slightly smaller version of a 4x6. I was really disappointed with the quality of Winkflash prints--they were not sharp and they all came with a 1/8 inch border I had to cut off--guess that's what Snapfish fixes with their "true digital" size. Also Winkflash was hard to figure out the downloading instructions on and slooooow.
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