Friday, November 02, 2007

As of Tuesday I no longer watch Toby and Natallie. Their mom was let go from her job after 7 years of working there and consequently we have been let go of our job. Big time bummer.
So instead of dwelling on the negative aspects of that, I got to work on one of my projects that I had put on hold. I have a bunch of paint that I buy when they have mistints and decided to put some to good use and work on my laundry/half bathroom.

I painted stripes on the one long wall in there to try and elongate it and make it look bigger than it is. Plus the wall was in horrible shape. I had to either do a texture on it and since that would have required going to the store, I decided to try to paint stripes on it. They aren't perfect, but I think it looks so cool. I also painted the vanity in there to match the cupboards. Now I just need to get a new countertop to replace that hideous orange one.

I am also going to Lowe's today to try my hand at building a shelf like thing. It is going to go back in the corner in next to the washer and dryer. I want to be able to set my laundry basket on it and other miscellaneous items. We'll see how awfully, horribly, very bad I am with a screw driver. :)


So sorry to here about your lack of employment! Aren't you kind of excited though? Hope you enjoy your time off.
Very cool stripes! I wish I could get motivated to do some painting.
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