Tuesday, October 09, 2007

This weekend we went to Caleb's cousin's wedding. Caleb was one of the groomsmen and Ambry was the flowergirl. We left Thursday morning, took Caleb's grandma along, and made it there in great time. Piper never once made a peep during the 5 hour drive or so. Ambry did really good too. It helped that I bought a portable DVD player for her. :) Here are a lot of pics from this weekend.

Ambry getting her hair done at the hair salon. She sat so still the whole time.
Afterwards, I got her McDonald's for a treat. Doesn't her hair look gorgeous?!?
Ambry and Roman playing with the bubbles.

This is her cake face. She was telling me that it was delicious.

Daddy and a very tired Piper.
Ambry finally fell asleep on Daddy when they had the dance with the wedding party.

Family pic.
I was bummed that I didn't get a picture of Ambry going down the aisle with the little ring bearer, but I had to tell them when to start walking down the aisle and I didn't make it back to the front of the church until they were already up at the front. Everyone said she did a great job though. Thanks to A. and K. for all of the great gifts! She is loving them! That is about it for now. Hopefuly I will get a chance to edit the pics that I took of Jordan and Danielle later and upload them and everyone can see what a cute couple they make. Happy Tuesday!

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Cute pics! Looks like a really busy weekend!
Awesome pictures the first one of Piper is adorable. Ambry did so good as the little flower girl. I have some pic's to give you from that night. I just printed them all out yesterday don't let me forget to give them to you.
Your daughter's hair is beautiful. What great weather for a wedding.
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