Saturday, October 27, 2007

I have been a little bit lost as to what to do with Ambry on Thursdays lately. Toby isn't here to play with her and she just kind of drifts through the day. I watch Joseph on Thursdays so we can't really go anywhere. So yesterday I put a bunch of paints in some cups for her and told her to go outside and paint. Of course, that left Piper alone for all of two seconds while I put the supplies outside.

And look what can happen in two seconds. She found my supply of hair rubberbands and thought..I don't know what she thought. Maybe they look like food to her? Who knows. Anyway, she had a mouthful of them and oh so many more scattered all over the floor. Never a bored moment. :)


When I was young I hated being bored, know I would pay money to be bored! Ambry looks like she is quite the artist.
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