Friday, September 21, 2007

Man, oh man, have I been neglecting the blog, or what?!? Please don't answer that. I know I have been terrible. Anyway, there just hasn't been a whole lot of anything going on. Absolutely nothing too terribly exciting. I canned a bunch of my banana peppers. I got chased by a dog while running. I fell while I was running (and I thought that only happened as you got older. :) See? Nothing too terribly exciting. I did see this on Esther's blog and thought it was very cute. I actually don't have an apron at all. So how much fun would it be to have one. I'm never too sure what to do with one but since I am not always the neatest or cleanest of bakers, I am sure it would come in handy.

Since I have no other exciting or interesting enough news, I'll let you all know that I am alive and still kickin'. I just don't have anything going on right now. Actually, I am going to go and buy a bunch of pears to can (which will be my first time ever canning those) so I'll let you know how that goes. I am also going raspberry picking tomorrow to make jam and to freeze some for the winter. AND...I am going garage saling today! YEAH! If I find anything totally awesome, fun, and cool, I'll let you know. :) Have a great Friday!


Welcome back to bloggy world!
Glad your back did you find any good deals at garage sales? I did on Thurs. I hit the jack pot I was so pumped I never find clothes for my older boys. I happened to find Lucas three Abercrombie shirts for 1.50 a piece..chaching..heehee
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