Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thank you so much for reminding me how awful I am at posting, Esther! :) I have a good excuse though...the girls and I were on a mini vacation over the weekend. We went up north with Jeff and my mom and her girls. We went on a ferry boat ride, shopping, water park, hiking, swimming, etc. So much fun! I do have TONS of pics to show. I'll try not to show too many at once.

Here is Piper sitting on the picnic table waiting for Jeff, Ambry, Rosie, and myself to get done eating lunch before we went hiking. Do you think she's enjoying herself?

The best of friends...

This is how I "held" Piper all weekend. That backpack has been a lifesaver and to this day is probably the best five dollars I ever spent at a yard sale. I love that thing!

Beautiful, miss Rosie posie...

Here is mom and the girls waiting for the ferry ride to take us to the island.

It was like a step back in time once you got off the ferry and stepped onto the island. There are no cars or motorized vehicles allowed on the island except for one fire engine and snowmobiles during the winter. If you are staying on the island, your luggage is taken to the hotel by "taxi" which is really a guy on a bike that balances your luggage on his handle bars and off he rides.
Here are Kasey and Rosie on Lookout Point. Check out how clear the water is!

Mom, this last picture is for you. She thought that this was a ridiculous picture to take and I thought it was so funny because I don't ever remember seeing a "don't feed the birds" sign on a beach that I had been at. So here is a picture just for you Mom! :)

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Looks like you had a ball! It wasn't me it was my better half that was harassing you:)
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