Wednesday, May 30, 2007

We had such a relaxing weekend over the Memorial Day Holiday. I love those weekends when Caleb gets a little extra time off of work and the girls and I get to spend a little bit more time with him. Ambry and I cleaned out the toy room and organized it over the weekend. I could not believe her! She was picking stuff to sell left and right, no tears or anything. I had got 8 little clear plastic tubs on sell at Lowe's for 4 for $1.00 so we were sorting and organizing all those misc. little pieces. I figured it would make it easier to find stuff also for her. She does way better picking up also when everything has a specific place to go.

We got her bedroom furniture last week!!! Yeah! Her clothes are now in drawers and I love it. No more messy shelves. She LOVES having her new bedroom set and is also better at cleaning up her room now too. Gotta love it when they ask if it is okay to clean their own room!

I've had my garden in for a couple weeks and took some pictures. I have one cherry tomato, 3 tomato plants, 3 jalapenos, 3 banana peppers, 4 green peppers, two red peppers, two yellow peppers, 3 cups of cucumbers with about 20 seedlings growing in them, and about 8 seedlings of watermelon--I think they are called Sandia watermelons? They are the smaller ones. I had cucumber and watermelon seeds that I planted in little cups to get them to germinate and just about all of them germinated! I don't think I have ever been so excited to see something grow. I think I planted WAY too much, but I think it will be fun for Ambry to go around and try to sell them. She is such a little salesperson. When we go to garage sales, if she sees someone checking out something, she will go over and try to get them to buy it. There were some cookies and bars at one and she was going around offering them to people and trying to get them to buy them. The lady having the garage sale joked around that she should keep Ambry there to be her saleslady.

If I remember to, I will load up pics of Ambry's "new" room and the garden. Hope everyone has a good Wednesday! Boy, that feels funny typing that--it feels like a Tuesday to me. :)


Can't wait to see the pics. I saw you walking yesterday, didn't anybody tell you that it was 90 degrees outside. The girls probably love it don't they? I'm sure it helps break up the long days the boys are working.
The girls absolutlely LOVE our walks. It takes a little while to make the 3 mile trek (to us that is a long ways) but it is worth it when we get to Family Fare and can just wander around. I about sweated to death in that heat though. :)
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