Wednesday, May 16, 2007

**WARNING--picture overload**

I had one of THE best mother's day ever! Caleb took Ambry on Saturday morning to a workshop at Lowe's. They had a free herb giveaway and you got to make these little holders for the herbs also. I told him that was what I would like for Mother's day. So that was all I was expecting to get. Ambry kind of ruined his other surprise a little bit. They got home and Ambry jumps out of the car to give me the herbs and then turns around and tries to get something else out of the car. Caleb wanted to completely surprise me and was a little flustered when Ambry tried to get the other present out of the car. He finally hid it in the trunk-the only place she couldn't get to. :) Anyway, Sunday morning he gave me the other present...Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0!!! I have wanted this program for a while and I was very surprised that he got it for me. I am working right now of going through my thousands of pictures...literally...that I have taken and deleting the ones that didn't turn out and organizing them. I have messed with a few pics so far and I can't wait to do more with the program. It is soooo much fun!

We went to Caleb's mom's house for lunch and then up to my mom's house for dinner. I also got a present up at their house from Jeff. THANK YOU again!!! He got me Clinique makeup set witha little makeup bag and the Happy perfume set (body creme lotion, big perfume bottle, and a rollon stick of perfume with lip gloss on the other side. All of that also came in a cute bag.) and a nice big bag that all of that came in that I am using for a bag for all of Piper's stuff. I am smelling so good while editing my pics! I was not expecting anything at all and it was so nice getting something! Thank you Jeff! Here is a picture of Ambry and Rosie after putting makeup on each other and then sporting some oh-so-cute sunglasses. If only you could have seen the great job Rosie did with makeup. Eyeshadow above the eyebrows and hot pink to boot!

We went to the Gardens yesterday again. We spent most of our time outside and it was such a nice day to do that. I even let Ambry put on her bathing suit and play in all the water there and get all wet. She loved every minute of it!
Here she is playing the wooden xylophone. (I think that is what it is called.)
They have this little game outside with a path and different color spots on it. They have a monarch butterfly costume and you have to spin the little thingy and then 'fly to the next spot. The object is to make it from MI to Mexico--which is the migration of the monarch butterfly. Ambry had no clue. She just spun the thingy and would 'fly' to wherever she saw that color. She had no clue about following the whole path object. :)

There is a fountain there that I think you are just supposedto stick your feet or hands in, but Ambry decided it was for sitting in. So she sat in it. :)

Miss Piper lookin' oh so stylin' in her glasses.
She found some of that ornamental grass next to her and she was cracking up over it. I don't know why she found it so funny, but she would just look at the stuff and start grinning.
Here she is trying to eat more sand...
Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!

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Beautiful babies! Let me know how you end up liking your pic program. I have to do something with the pics we have, I just keep loading on the computer and letting them sit.
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