Monday, May 07, 2007

**EDITED with pics**

Boy oh boy have I been terrible about keeping this blog updated! Oh well. :) Our fencing in the backyard is just about complete. (I will put pics of it up later.) We just have to get some lattice to put under the deck by the pool so the kids won't be able to get out. It looks great! Ambry has been loving the dirt backyard! She goes out there and digs up worms and calls them her pets. Grandpa G., maybe when you are out here and if you go fishing she could find you some. She is not the least squeamish about them at all. Her Uncle Gerrit found her a baby turtle at work last week and gave that to her. They made a little home for it in her sandbox with a wall for it to not be able to get out and filled up a bucket with water. Unfortunately, an animal got it or something because we couldn't find it the next day. Ambry was a little down about that.

Here is just one pic of the two girls taking a bath. Those two LOVE their baths! Ambry thinks it is great now that they can take them together. They will usually play in there for about a half an hour. I warm up the water for them a couple times and they just splash around and play with the toys. I had some cuter ones of them both looking at the camera, but there were little legs going every which way. :) I will load up pics of the backyard later. Hope everyone has a good Monday!

Here is the gate by the side of the house. Those tall tree things worked out great right there because we didn't have to fence it in completely. Caleb made it swing to the inside--the backyard--and both sides swing so it isn't just a single gate. He wanted it that way in case we ever have anything real large we need to get in or out. He's so smart. :)

Here is the shed now with the dirt graded right up to the door. No more maneuvering to get the lawn mower in and out. Ambry's sand box is now full of sand and she loves it!

Here is the view from standing up on the deck and looking down. The right side of the fence runs into some huge pine trees so, again, we didn't have to completely fence it in. Then on the left side of the fence is where it runs into the pool deck. There is about a space of four or five feet under there that we have to put the lattice. Then the backyard will be completely fenced in. Yeah!

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What a huge yard! You are going to be so glad when it's all done!
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