Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Beach Day!!!

Thank you so much Jenn for taking the girls and me to the beach! We had so much fun! Ambry was soooo tired today--and grumpy--but it was definitely worth it.
I couldn't get any very good pictures of Ambry. She was way too excited to be at the beach.
Can you believe she is actually in the water?!? Althought the water felt like it was in the lower sixties, it was a pretty windy day. Definitely NOT swimming weather!

Here she is getting ready to run down a "sand dune".
Piper enjoying a snack out of Jenn's suntan stick.
She spent most of the day in the backpack carrier since we spent a good hour walking the beach and the pier. Plus it was easier to set her in the pack than it was to deal with digging sand out of her mouth every two seconds...literally, every two seconds!
Just curious, also...about the whole swimsuit modesty issue. I wear a two piece bathing suit and love the little girl bellys in two piece swimsuits. But, is it just "preparing" them in a way to dress more immodest as they get older? I honestly can not remember what I wore for a bathing suit when I was four or even ten years old for that matter. Anyway, just curious.

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