Thursday, May 31, 2007

All right. Here is a pic of my little cucumber and watermelon seedlings and my garden.

We took a trip to the Children's Museum today. Oh, how I wish that we would have gone sooner. All of the month of May I could get in for free with my membership and I so wish I would have taken advantage. I guess I had the idea that a museum is a museum and would be filled with stuffed birds and other such things. I was SOOoo wrong! This place is amazing and so much fun. We definitely could have spent the entire day there.
Check out this kitchen. It was filled with all sorts of fun things for kids. Here is a sand area filled with all different kinds of trucks and toys.
Piper driving a VW Bug. I don't know what is going on with my camera, but the pics turned out a little blurry I though.

Sorry for the multitude of pictures, but I had so many more that I could have put up. I just wish my camera would stop acting up and take better pictures...or maybe it's me. Who knows?

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Cute pictures! That museum is great for little ones isn't it. My younger boys really enjoy it still but I noticed the last time we went that Lucas and the kids his age got kind of bored with it. I'm sure Ambry had a blast I started taking Lucas there when he was three and he's always had fun. Your pic's don't look to blurry by the way maybe it's me..:) Cute garden to I can't wait to eat all my goodies. I've already got a few small tomatoes growing a few yellow squash and a pepper won't be for a few weeks that we can eat them but it's fun checking them every day to see how they've grown.
Hey….very nice green sprouty things in the garden!!!! Love the pics of the girls in the museum especially of Piper in the mirror!! Ambry is the perfect age to bring to the children’s museum.
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