Monday, April 23, 2007

Where to begin...

I have been so bad about blogging! It has been forever! I don't even know where to begin. My only excuse is that is is GARAGE SALE SEASON!!! I am so bad. I can't pass up a garage sale sign for the fear of there being something soooo good there and I won't get it because I drove by. And what do I need that bad? Absolutely nothing. It is just some irrational fear that I have that it could the the very best, most awesome, hugest garage sale ever and I will have passed it right up all because I didn't feel like stopping. Crazy, or what?!?
This weekend has been so busy too. Caleb rented a hatcher for the yard--it is supposed to pull up the dead grass so that more new grass will have room to grow. He did that Friday night. Then Saturday he started building a sandbox for Ambry. He got the frame all screwed together and the ground leveled around it. Tonight he just has to staple some heavy duty plastic to the bottom of it and fill it with sand. Ambry is so excited! She was sitting in it yesterday and talking about how she is going to dig and dig and then dig some more. :)
He also got some bricks for me for free from some job he was at and we took out some of the wood that had rotted away and put the bricks in as edging. It looks ten times better. He's hoping that he can find some more and we can do the front too. I found some rocks for free that we are hoping to be able to pick up this week too. We are also going to fence in the backyard finally and Caleb is going to form up the walkway in the back and pour that with concrete. Talk about busy, busy. He also wants to do the front walkway and the two front squares in front of the garage. Why? Oh, no reason at all. They are just a little unlevel and being a concrete guy, that just won't do at all. I am trying to talk him out of doing the front walk way right now because there is no need for it, but when he gets an idea in his head there is no stopping him. He measured it all up yesterday. :)
I will try to get new pics up later...I haven't taken all that many lately. Actually none. I took some pictures of my bagels that I made with my new breadmaker, but who really wants to see some pics of some lopsided bagels? So I will have to try to take some pics of the girls and get some up tomorrow. Hopefully... Have a great Monday!

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