Sunday, April 01, 2007

It was another busy weekend. I did my garage sale for the last time for spring this weekend. Definitely makes things a little busier. And the house gets TRASHED! My mom came down and helped again on Friday. (THANKS mom!!!) Ambry loves it because she gets to see K and R and Nana (mom). So today is catchup day from the weekend. Try to get everything cleaned up and stacked back away. I made the trip over to Goodwill with well over the maximum donation of $500.00. I kept a couple of tubs of stuff that I will try to sell in the fall.

Ambry's bedset got picked up today. It was sad...I got it from mom who had used it for R and then passed it down to Ambry. I loved that bedroom set, but it was just too small for Ambry. It wasn't really something that she could grow with. So I am getting another one from mom. I can't wait! It is a twin bed again but it has a nightstand and a full dresser. It will be so nice. Even though there will be a full size dresser in there, I think it will look great! I can't wait to redecorate her room. I am keeping her paint color--I love the sunny yellow--and will be using a bedspread from mom. Can you see a pattern? My mom is soooo generous to us! I will put pics up once we pick up the new stuff from mom's house. Can't wait!!

Here are a couple pics from this past week. Guess who is hiding under the blankets? Don't know?

Surprise! Ambry and R got all "dressed up" as they called it in Ambry's pj's. You can't see what R is wearing but Ambry has the shirt to to R's pants and R has the shirt to Ambry's pants. Then they each put on slippers--I don't know what they were trying to do, but they were sharing really good, so it didn't really matter. :)

I love this picture of Piper and Aunt KK. I think it is so cute how they are both looking at each other. :)
That is about it from here. Not anything too exciting. Hopefully I can talk Ambry into sitting still for me to take some more pics of her. For my b-day, Caleb is going to go with the girls and I to get family pics done. Yeah! I love family pics. Not to mention I really want some nice ones of the Piper for her room. So I will hopefully have some nice pics to send out soon. :)


Happy Birthday girlfriend hope you have a good one!!
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