Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Here is the current state of my backyard. When Caleb gets an idea in his head, there is no stopping him...as you can see. Basically, he is trying to grade it to be a more gradual slope rather than sloping every which way. In front of the shed, there used to be a big dip. I don't know if you can tell or not, but where Ambry's climbing thing is, that was how low the ground was. We are keeping the ground at that level because that is where her sandbox is going to be. It will be just about level with the ground. You can see the frame for it around the play thing.
Here is the back of the house...kind of. We tore out the wood edging that was rotting and replaced it with the free bricks that Caleb got from a job. I think it looks so much better! We are also raising up the ground along the side of the house. We will be putting a gate there and want it to be a little bit more level.
Here is the big pile of fill dirt that will be going also in the back yard to help to level it a little bit more. Also free! Thank you John G. for bringing that over! This is definitely one of those many times when I am so thankful for the job Caleb has. He was able to rip a bunch of the roots out of the ground from the tree that some buddies and him took down. Once the fill dirt is back there, basically all that will be left to do is put the fence in and to reseed. I hope it turns out as nice as we are hoping.

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Good luck with your grass growing! This is something we have never ever been good at. Check the dirt for ants, at our old house they brought it a load of sand that was full of ants and they decide they liked to be indoors better.
Don't ya love their ideas? When Ben had them I would cringe at the thought of the mess but it always turned out great. Our yard looks so much better than it did thanx to the hubby. Now his latest idea is to build the boys a basketball court yes not hoop but court in the backyard. He wants to take down the covered backporch which is falling down anyway and pour more concrete for a half size court. It won't be for awhile and the boys will really get a lot of use out of it. Apparently were staying here for a good long while:) Oh for grass growing I always had pretty good luck with it but water, water, water it that's the key I think.
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