Thursday, April 05, 2007

Flowers and Boats

I got to watch my two little sisters the other day and everyone wanted to do a craft. K wanted to make a boat and Ambry and R wanted to make flowers. So, for K I got out the containers that I saved from the Chinese place we get food from once in a while and what do you kow? It was shaped just like the bottom of a boat. A couple of pieces of cardboard later and she's got herself a boat. I forgot to take a picture of her boat when it was all done, but you can kind of get the idea here. She even put an "upper deck" (we made use of another container from the Chinese place that they use to put their sauce in) on her boat for the captain. :)

For the other two girls, I saw a craft in some magazine for flowers made out of toilet paper rolls. Basically you cut lines in almost to the middle and then do the same thing on the other side. Then fold the "petals" back. There should be about an inch or so left in the middle--don't cut all the way through. Then the girls got to color their flowers. Poke a pipe cleaner though the middle for a stem, stuff some scribbled on tissue paper in the middle for the center of the flower, and voila! All done. I love this picture. Look at their little faces...they are concentrating so hard!

And here are their flowers, all done! I don't know how much they really look like flowers, but they sure had fun making them and then playing with them. They proceeded to take them outside and "plant" them in Ambry's sand box. Too cute!
p.s. happy birthday to me! I turn 24 today. Soooo very old! :)


Happy Birhtday Woman! You're just a baby, 24! Just wait till next year your car insurance will drop then there are no other birthday's to look forward to. Hope you have a good day!!!!!!!!!!!
Do you blog anymore?? ;)
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