Saturday, March 03, 2007

Things are lookin' up...

I found out what the random charge on my bank card was. Apparently Costco will charge a card a hundred dollars when you get gas to protect themselves. It never goes through, it just sits on there until the gas charge goes through and they get their money. Then they take it off. What a relief!

I also have caught some kind of spring cleaning bug. Not the full blown, air out the house bug, but a smaller one. I have sorted the girls clothes and mine, and set aside stuff for a garage sale in the spring. All of our closets are nice and organized now. I love that! Next item on the to-do list for our rooms is to paint the closets. I would have already started, but I have no more white paint.

I found a recipe for homemade furniture polish on another blog (can't remember whose though). Just mix one part lemon juice to two parts vegetable oil or olive oil (or whatever kind of oil that runs in that line) and mix really well. I got my woodwork done in the hallway, 3 doors, and my 2 bi-fold closet doors in my room. Let's just say my arm feels like it is going to fall off. But at least my wood is very shiny. The polish works really well. But it does leave things a little greasy. I didn't follow the exact directions though. It said to rub it on with a lint free rag and then rub off with another clean rag. I only rubbed on. The wood on the doors and closets won't matter because that stuff was so terribly dry it felt like sand paper. The wood on the stairs though is a little bit greasy. Gerrit was not too impressed. I still think it looks really good though. I just threw the leftovers in the fridge since I didn't know what else to do with it and will have to finish all the rest of the wood in the house another day. I never realized just how much wood there is in here. Oh well. A day at a time I suppose. But for how much it cost to make that polish, I will definitely use it again. It got my wood ten times more shiny than pledge or anything else ever has. And for a fraction of the cost...even better!

And, finally, here are some pics of Piper last night. This girl is the HAPPIEST baby in the world. Honestly. She only cries if she is hungry or needs a clean diaper. This was taken downstairs last night, so not the best lighting. Grandma M., I don't know if you remember this toy, but this is one that you gave Ambry when she turned one. Piper absolutely loves it! I will turn it to the song setting and pull the handle and she goes crazy. Kind of like she is doing here. It is hillarious! She pushes herself up and just rocks back and forth with a huge grin the entire time the song is playing. Too stinkin' cute!

Hopefully I will have pictures of Ambry later. She hasn't been cooperating too well though, so we'll see. :)

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