Thursday, March 08, 2007


The sickness...

We have been hit with it...or I should say Ambry has been hit by it. The poor girl has had diarhea for two days now. She has been vegging in front of the tv all this morning again. At least she has been drinking plenty of water and even wanted crackers and applesauce. She was a little bit more upbeat yesterday afternoon for a couple hours at least. I brought in a big bowl of snow and put it on a towel on the kitchen floor with some measuring cups and stuff. She loved it! She made snow castles and put her polly pockets in the snow. It was a relief seeing something so simple taking her mind off of her stomach for a little while.

I have been taking a little break from the whole spring cleaning challenge right now what with Ambry being sick. I did get my bathroom drawers all organized though. I will upload pics later. I also have been the sanitizing queen over here. All of Piper's toys have been sprayed with hydrogen peroxide (3%) and then washed off. I don't want her to get sick! I also did all the light switches and door knobs. I suppose that is kind of spring cleaning. :) Anyway, if anyone else has some good ideas for sanitizing everything or to maybe help Ambry get better, PLEASE share! I feel so helpless when she is sick so I am pretty much up for anything that will make her feel better.

Hopefully I will get a chance to upload pictures later on today when Piper takes a nap. Did I just say when? How about IF she takes a nap! Little stinker!!! :)

Here is one of Piper after enjoying a graham cracker and then the bath in the sink afterwards to clean off all the gooey goodness.

Here is Ambry with her snow and measuring cups and 'buckets'. I brought in snow again today and was able to snap a pic real quick of her playing with it. Such a good idea to keep her mind off not feeling too great! Piper wouldn't even look at me for the pic...she was enjoying watching Ambry play! :)

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I love the snow idea! I might have to do that later. We're on the mend, knock on wood, no fevers today. Pray for sunshine!
Those pic's of the girls are so cute I love how Piper is always smiling to cute. Poor Ambry I hope she feels better soon. Dr. D says to give kids apples and brown rice water. Not sure if you have brown rice but if Ambry will eat an apple it's worth a try. Sorry I'm not much help.
Piper is SOOOOooooooo cute
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