Thursday, March 15, 2007

More spring cleaning...

I have now started on our basement. Ambry and I went through her whole toy room and set aside a bunch of stuff for the garage sale. Big toys, little toys, everything was game today. She did really well though with picking and choosing stuff that could stay or go. I even got her to throw away some odds and ends toys--the ones with the missing pieces or those little McDonald's toys. How we even get those is beyond me. I can honestly say I don't remember the last time I was at a McDonald's or Burger King. Oh well, they are all gone now!

Here is part of our pile. You can't see the other box on the sink, but it is full of books that we went through and are getting rid of. I love getting rid of stuff! I usually am not very good at it. I have the mindset of "I KNOW I will need that someday!" So I just don't really get rid of too much stuff...ever.

Just thought I would show you this pic. I can't remember if I put it up before or not. Anyway, here is a before and after of our basement. Gotta love the blue shag carpet and the wallpaper on the wall is the fabric kind.
Here is what we have done differently. New floor(although that was not a big priority until our basement leaked. Then we didn't really have much of a choice!), new paint, new light fixtures, and new countertops. You can't really see it on the pic above, but they had pink formica countertops down there. Lovely. :) Can you see how the light reflected so much off the wood wall? That would be from the furniture polish I made! Looks pretty spiffy, huh?

That is about it from over here. I now must go and try to get some rest. My arm feels like it is going to fall off again from all that scrubbing and polishing. And I still have the hallway down there to do! Ugh! Oh well, at least it doesn't have to be done too often. Hopefully tomorrow I can put up new pics of the girls and show the 'new' toy we found at "The Love Store" as Ambry calls it. :)

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