Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I have joined this challenge over at The Homespun Heart. I think it will keep me motivated to keep on going. I sometimes get overly excited about cleaning and organizing everything and then burn out. But here are pictures of the rooms that I have done so far. Probably very boring to most, but for me, it is a huge feeling of accomplishment.

First up is Ambry's room. In here I did:

*the woodwork--polished all of it.

*dusted everything.

*sorted and cleaned out her closet.

*went through all of her clothes and got her spring/summer clothes out. Put away anything that did not fit right for Piper.

*went through all toys and put away in proper spot. This is a huge pet peeve for me. I can not stand it when toys are not in the proper bin. I also went through all her books and they are also sorted.
*vacuumed everything and did all over wipedown.

Piper's room:

*polished all the wood in her room as well.

*went through all of her clothes and sorted out anything that didn't fit anymore and put in storage. Took out her spring/summer wardrobe and hung up/put in drawers.

*dusted everything.

*vacuumed under furniture and did all over wipedown.

Caleb and my room:

*polished all wood. (By this time my arm was seriously numb and ready to fall off!)

*went through all of our clothes and tossed a bunch of it into a sell pile.

*vacuumed under everything that I could reach--my furniture is WAY too heavy to move all by myself.

*general wipedown of everything.

Main bathroom

*wiped down everything

*polished all wood

*scrubbed floor with soft scub to get out the icky brown stuff that had settled into the grooves. Nasty! I'm not sure what the stuff is--probably hair spray and such that is harder to clean off with just vinegar and water.

*I went through the drawers, but still need to make some sort of organizing system. I can't stand it when stuff is just thrown in there, so that is something I still need to do.

Kitchen/dining room

*polished all wood--except for cabinets. I'm hoping to redo those this spring.

*cleaned table--dusted all the pieces. The hated job of removing dust from all the nooks and crannies.
*scrubbed tile. Literally got down and dirty with a toothbrush and a cup of bleach and scrubbed every square inch and centimeter of tile grout. I can't believe that the actual shade of grout is supposed to be a light tan--not the brown that it was. Then mopped with bleach water. Then went back over with plain water to make sure there wasn't leftover bleach on the floor. This job alone was spread over my whole Saturday and took about a total of four-five hours to complete.

*dusted light above table.

Basement/Storage room

*went through all of clothes bins and sorted.
*Caleb swept out and sorted everything so now it is nice and organized.

Living Room:

*poished all wood.

*dusted everything.

*moved couches and tables and vacuumed under them.

*also polished stairwell going to the basement.

That is basically as far as I have gotten so far. I still have the laundry room to do, the pantry, clean out kitchen cabinets, and then the main basement room. I just did the toy room and the ping pong room. The room that is left is Gerrit's and there is no way I am going in there! Once I have everything completely cleaned and wiped down and scrubbed down and every other bit of clean then I will start on my projects again--painting the closets, touching up paint, etc. So get started on those spring cleaning projects because before you know it, spring will be here and you aren't going to want to be stuck in your house cleaning! Head on over to The Homespun Heart and be inspired there also to get started on cleaning.


Talk about a busy beaver! I need to start "spring" cleaning, well I did go though the bins of clothes in the basement and made a mental list of stuff to sell on Craig's list. But as of right now the kids are still sick, I thought we were looking better but Racky woke up a whiney disaster today and Biggie is a fount of snot. Are you doing that mom's sale? I'm thinking about it. But I have to hurry if I do.
What pretty bedrooms!
I have been looking for a new dining room table and I love yours, where did you find it?
I got it from World Market. If you sign up for their emails you can get coupons for 40% off sometimes. They let you use it for every piece. You just have to do them in separate transactions. I love our table--especially the bench. I think the only thing I would have rather had is one that has a leaf.
Great job! What a great accomplishment and truly the satisfaction of a job well done!
Wow Sharon! Very impressive. Your house looks so wonderful! You are such a great mom. I love you very much,
good job babe, love you lots.
Great job! Your home is nicely decorated.
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